Creative ways to use Frobishers Fruit Cordials

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, soft drinks don’t have to be boring! We’re always finding new ways to experiment with flavours and our cordials are a great way to try this at home for yourself. We select and squish the best fruit and mix it with aromatic botanicals to create unique flavoured cordials that can be used in lots of different ways.

Wondering what the difference is between fruit juice, cordials, squash? Check out our blog here which will tell you everything you need to know!

We’ve put our spin on classic fruit cordials to create three deliciously dilutable drinks. In this blog post we’ll explore how to mix up our Pomegranate and Rose, Sloe and Raspberry and Lemon and Mint to shake up some new favourites. 

A simple yet delicious pairing

Before we get into the more creative ideas, let’s give the classic some credit. Drinking water can get a bit repetitive so why not switch it up and make it tastier? You can’t beat an ice-cold glass of water mixed with one of our refreshing cordials. 

We would also suggest using sparkling water as a mixer. It enhances the fruit flavours and feels like a bit of a treat. It’s a super convenient way to spice up your drink in seconds. This combination is perfect if you’re taking part in Sober October and looking for exciting drinks to sip on. 

Warm things up this Autumn

We all love indulging in a warm drink during the colder months, so why not add a drop of our flavourful Cordials to hot water. It’s a super simple way to make a delicious hot drink and the fruits and botanicals are incredibly comforting as the weather gets chillier. Serve this beverage as a delicious alternative to alcoholic mulled wines or ciders.

Add a touch of sparkle

Have you ever mixed our cordials and sparklers together? We highly recommend it as there are some delicious combinations to try! While each sparkler is full of flavour, why not experiment with a dash of cordial for an extra punch? It’ll be the easiest cocktail you ever make - and one of the biggest crowd pleasers.

Our favourite pairing is our Elderflower Sparkler with a few drops of Sloe & Raspberry Cordial. This is a great drink for this time of year, as the Autumnal flavours of the Sloe and Raspberry cordial bring a richness to the light, sparkling elderflower.

Mix up your own mocktails and cocktails

Our cordials are the perfect drinks to level up your cocktail and mocktail making at home. We love using them to add an unexpected twist on a classic. 

Feel free to download our cocktail and mocktail recipe cards to make sure you’ve got everything you need to create a set of amazingly autumnal drinks. 

Pomegranate & Rose Fizz Recipe - Frobishers Soft Drinks

 Lemon & Mint Cordial - Frobishers Soft Drinks

Sloe and Raspberry Gin Fiz - Frobishers Soft Drinks

We hope that you’re now feeling inspired and ready to switch up your soft drinks. With a whole host of Frobishers drinks ready to shop, including our Curious Cordials, you’ve got everything you need to create fruity drinks to remember.

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