"Time for soft drinks to come out from the shadows and shine"

Casual Dining Magazine has published its annual Soft Drinks in Restaurants Report, highlighting the huge opportunity for soft drinks to shine on menus this year.

Featured in the April issue of Casual Dining, the report includes research on customer attitudes to soft drinks covering everything from what people want to see more of to how they prefer their soft drinks to be served.

It’s good news for softies, as the report states “It’s time for soft drinks to come out from the shadow of alcoholic beverages and shine for consumers to see – in all their fruity, sparkling, delicate and complex glory”.

The biggest concern about soft drinks in casual dining restaurants has been found to be poor value for money, cited by 30% of those surveyed. However, there is an opportunity to change the perception of value for money by improving the serve of soft drinks.

Bottled soft drinks come out on top for consumer perception, with 53% thinking they taste better and 52% thinking they suit smarter venues better. Branded glassware and garnishing are recommended for instantly improving a serve above the bare minimum, but they are options being under-utilised with only 37% of soft drinks served in the correct branded glassware and just 25% using a frosted or chilled glass.

Our sales and marketing director Steve Carter has contributed to the Casual Dining report, offering advice on keeping soft drinks offers fresh and educating staff in upselling to premium choices.

The report also says that “There’s no reason why a soft drinks menu shouldn’t behave like a tantalising cocktail list” and we agree – a mocktail menu like our Unusual Suspects can elevate operators’ gross profits by over 40% per drink.

To read the full Soft Drinks in Restaurants Report, pick up the latest issue of Casual Dining Magazine or read it online here.

Image via casualdiningmagazine.co.uk