5 Top Tips for the Perfect Summer Picnic

Summer is well and truly in full swing, the sun is out and the days are long, so why not make the most of it and enjoy a picnic. Whether you're looking to have a romantic picnic with your significant other or a fun-filled picnic with friends and family, there are a few things you'll need to do to make sure you're fully prepared.

Here are our top five tips for preparing the perfect summer picnic:

1. Pick the Perfect Picnic Spot

One of the best parts about picnics is being able to enjoy the great outdoors! Pick a spot with beautiful scenery, like a park or beach, for the ultimate picnic experience. Not sure where to go? We love this picnic spot guide from the National Trust.

Don't forget you'll need to carry all your picnic gear from the car, so pack lightly or choose somewhere easily accessible.

2. Find Picnic-Friendly Food Ideas:

Prepare a shopping list ahead of the occasion, and make sure you are aware of any dietary requirements, so you can get something for everyone. For example, do you need to cater for gluten free or vegetarian guests? Make sure everyone feels included. Choose foods that are easy to transport and won't spoil in the heat if it's a warm day. If you aren’t sure what to pack, use our handy picnic food ideas list:

  • Sandwiches

If you want to keep it simple, pre-made sandwiches are an ideal picnic food. Choose fillings that everyone will enjoy such as egg, chicken or cheese.

  • Finger Food

Sausage rolls, scotch eggs and mini quiches are usually family favourites - have a go at making your own or head to your nearest supermarket to stock up.

  • Salad

Prepare a salad in advance and store in a Tupperware to keep fresh for the day. Pasta salads are great for picnics as they are filling and fine to eat cold.

  • Fruits & Vegetables

Raw carrot, cucumber or celery go well with a hummus dip and are a delicious and healthy snack!

  • Sweet Treats

No picnic is complete without some sweet treats! Pack homemade cookies, brownies or flapjack for an easy but tasty dessert.

3. Shop Soft Drinks for Picnics

Don't forget to pack drinks for your picnic! Soft drinks are always a great choice for everyone to enjoy. If you want to keep them cool, make sure to bring a cool bag with ice packs.

Our Fantastical Fusions range are the perfect picnic drink, with an easy screw cap so you don't have to remember a bottle opener! Choose from three delicious flavours - Apple & Mango, Orange & Passionfruit and Apple & Raspberry. Did you know, they also count as one of your five a day? 🍎

Canned soft drinks are also great for picnics. Have you tried our Sparkling Pressé Cans? They are delightfully fizzy and come in three fabulous flavours, they are also easy to carry due to their light weight.

Shop our range of soft drinks online and build a box of all of your friends and family's favourite soft drinks. Planning ahead? Did you know, you can pick a delivery date that suits you, to make sure they arrive when you need them. 

4. Tick Off The Essential Picnic Checklist:

In addition to food and drinks, there are a few other things you'll need to ensure your picnic runs smoothly. Make sure to pack these essential items:

  • Picnic blanket or folding camping chairs (make sure you have enough for everyone to sit on!)
  • Suncream
  • Plates, cups and cutlery
  • Cool bag for chilled food (we love this one from John Lewis - it's only £10!)
  • Napkins or wipes
  • Rubbish bag (for clearing up at the end, let's keep Britain's countryside clean!)

5. Plan Some Picnic Games & Activities:

Finally - a picnic is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and have some fun in the sun! Here are some of our favourite picnic games and activities:

  • Ball games - frisbee, rounders, cricket
  • Card games - snap, crazy eights, cheat
  • Outdoor games - badminton, boules

Now that you've got all the essentials sorted, it's time to enjoy your perfect summer picnic! We hope you have a fantastically fun time and enjoy the great outdoors.

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