Our Story

Our drinks are inspired by Martin Frobisher’s appetite for the finest fruits, vegetables and botanicals*.

This 16th-century sailor uncovered the most remarkable flavours on his travels. He bottled these treasures to embolden his crew, indulging them with delicious, energising juices. Like nothing they’d tasted before.

After all this time, we still want to send you on a voyage of discovery. From early sunrise starts to late summer evenings, build your own box or reel in a discovery bundle to toast any occasion.

Courage without the dutch

Our juices and sparklers can be swigged straight from the bottle, with no need for any extras. Our cordials just need a splash of water and they’re also ready to sip.

Every drink can be enjoyed for its simplicity and distinctively natural flavours - just like Martin Frobisher’s crew discovered.

And what’s more, we never compromise on our recipes. We keep things ship-shape by leaving any additives, colourings or preservatives firmly stranded at sea.

You can now enjoy our famously fruity concoctions at home by shopping online. Whether you’re planning your next nautical knees up or fancy a sophisticated alternative to your current breakfast juice, shop boxes of 12 or 24 tipples. You can also shop our pre-prepared bundles if you’re feeling a little lost at sea. 

Tipples worth toasting

When we first set sail, we got our bottles straight into pubs. Mixologists love using our juices, cordials and sparklers to create drinks that pack a bit more of a punch.

You can now find us in hundreds of pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK. From a classic vodka and orange, to a real mix up - we’ve got the bottle to guzzle with your favourite spirit.

If you’re planning a soiree at home, we recommend heading over to our captain’s logbook. Here, you’ll find a whole host of delicious cocktails to anchor down on our marvellous mixtures.

A voyage with a purpose

We’re committed to keeping things as sustainable as possible at every step. From sourcing our real fruit to the culture at our HQ. 

That’s why we never use plastic bottles - only glass. We’re working hard to remove plastic from our supply chain entirely. We’ve already made leaps to remove bubble wrap from our packaging, use paper instead of plastic straws and include recyclable cups in our sample kits.

You can navigate to all things sustainability here.

*fabula veritatem maiora - never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Us, the sea and sustainability

A voyage with a purpose. From procurement to culture, we uphold high ethical, environment and social standards at every step.

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