A Mixologists Guide to: London Summertime

Want to be the wisest sailor at the bar? Mix up our luscious London Summertime cocktail.


What you’ll need:
  • Martin Frobisher’s Crisp Apple & Elderflower Sparkler
  • Sipsmith’s London Cup
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Lemon peel


Summertime cocktails are all about refreshing flavours and astonishing aromatics. And this one doesn’t disappoint. 

We love using our Apple and Elderflower Sparkler in our cocktail recipes. A magnificent medley of fruit and botanicals, all of our sparklers are fizzified with a jet of sparkling water for that tongue-tingling feeling.

Each Apple and Elderflower bottle has a splash of apple cider vinegar, as well as a sneaky hint of chamomile for added complexity. 

And this unique mixture combines delightfully with Sipmsith’s London Cup.

If we’re talking about complexity, this one from Sipsmith is a real treat. Their delicious punch is crafted from their award-winning London Dry Gin and infused with tea, borage, lemon verbena and few other secret botanicals for good measure.


How to make your London Summertime

To make the perfect London Summertime, start by filling a gin glass with serious cubage, and add a good measure of Sipsmith’s London Cup.

Next, fill your glass to the brim with the Apple and Elderflower sparkler, until it’s fizzing with fruit and flavour.

For the real ambitious mixers among you, top with a twist of lemon and a handful of berries.

So get all hands on deck and mix up your new favourite summer sipper.

Pick your favourite flavours


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