Frobishers top 10 party hosting tips and tricks

Here at Frobishers, we love to host! And it’s so important to get things just right for your guests. Whether you’re entertaining at home or taking things alfresco. 

From preparing some delicious food and drinks for a dinner party to hosting your family for a special occasion, we hope this handy guide can help steer you in the right direction. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get party planning!

Party Hosting Tips | Frobishers Soft Drinks

1. Preparation is key 

If you get everything ready for your event before your guests arrive, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and focus on having a good time! Nobody wants to feel like you’re stressing over them, so make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. Start by creating a list to ensure you have everything you need and don’t leave anything until the last minute. Making wish lists online or a board on Pinterest can also be super fun and helpful when it comes to visualising themes and decorations. 

2. Keep your guests refreshed

Ensure you’ve got a variety of drinks on offer to keep your guests happy throughout the event. Provide a selection of soft drinks and alcoholic options to make sure you have something for everyone. Keep life easy for yourself and create your very own Build A Box where you can choose exactly which drinks you receive. Don’t forget, you can also choose your delivery date so they arrive in time for your party!

3. Serve up a selection of food 

Of course, this will depend on the type of party you’re hosting and who your guests are. But one of our favourite tips is to put the food where you want your guests to socialise. If it’s a larger party, you could put nibbles in a few different rooms to encourage your guests to move around and not all gather in one place. Don't forget to check for any dietary requirements before you decide on the food you'll be serving up.

4. Come up with a theme for your party

It’s always fun to get creative and come up with a theme for your party. You could opt for fancy dress if you want to set a bit of a fun challenge for your guests - you could base a theme around something your guests have in common, or something completely random! Once you’ve got this sorted, it will feed into what food and drink you choose to serve up. This could be as simple or extravagant as you like, but it allows your guests to get involved and have some fun. It’s also a great ice breaker and can be a hot topic if not all of your guests are already acquainted. 

5. Consider activities for children

If there are going to be children at the party, you may want to think of some simple ways to keep them entertained. To ensure they don’t get bored whilst the adults are socialising, provide them with some simple activities or put on a spread of food just for the kids to enjoy. This way, they will feel accounted for and have just as much fun as the adults.

6. Let other people help out

We understand that it can be a great feeling when you’ve planned and pulled off a party all by yourself, but accepting help when offered will only ease the stress for you. Planning and hosting a party can be very time-consuming, so if someone offers to bring a dessert or a few bottles of wine, then let them! Remember, people like to feel useful. 

7. Plan a sustainable party 

If there’s one thing that sometimes gets neglected when planning a party, it’s the environmental impact. Parties can create a lot of rubbish so when you’re planning yours, try and think about where you can save on plastic and other materials that will be thrown away afterwards. Paperless invitations are a great start - send out an email or e-invitation to everyone on your guest list. You could also invest in some reusable bowls, plates and cutlery rather than disposable versions. 

8. Small details can make all the difference 

Extra details rarely go unnoticed, from flower bouquets on the tables or a few decorations, that little bit of extra effort will make your guests feel welcome. It's a good idea to also create a playlist for the event - ask your guests to add their own songs so everyone enjoys the music. 

9. Inform your neighbours if it’s a big party

If you’re planning a party in your home and you think it could get a little loud, perhaps inform your neighbours. There’s no harm in just letting them know in advance so that there’s no chance of confrontation. You could even ask them to join in! After all, nobody wants an unhappy neighbour. 

10. Prepare your food and drink in batches 

To make life a little easier for yourself, prepare your food and drink in batches. You’ll get it all done much quicker and you won’t feel as stressed on the day. Depending on what kind of party you're hosting, you might want to create some cocktails or mocktails. If you’re stuck for creative drink ideas, you can find lots of inspiration over on our blog.


We hope you’re feeling a little more prepared and inspired to plan your next soiree! Don’t forget to stock up on our soft drinks ready to shake up some delicious cocktails and mocktails for your guests.

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