How to Create the Perfect Personalised Easter Basket

If you're spending time with friends and family this Easter, we've got the perfect way to explore your creative side. Discover our handy guide below for crafting the perfect personalised Easter baskets.

Choose The Perfect Easter Basket

A rustic wicker basket exudes classic charm, while a modern hamper adds a touch of sophistication. Whether you opt for a charming woven basket, a stylish hamper, or a themed container, the basket sets the stage for a visually appealing and memorable gift. Choose reusable and sustainable packaging for your Easter basket too so it can be enjoyed year after year.

Find Easter Basket Fillers For The Whole Family

Personalise each basket depending on the recipient. Do they prefer chocolate eggs and cookies? Or maybe they're more of a candy fan? Satisfy every sweet tooth with a custom mix of delights.

Perfect for lively gatherings or quieter moments with friends and family, we also offer a range of soft drinks perfect for Easter basket fillers. From classic Sparkling Lemonade to Elderflower Pressé, build a box in time for Easter and choose a selection of drinks to fill your Easter basket with.

Adding savoury foods to an Easter hamper provides variety and caters to different tastes. Savoury items like crackers, cheese, nuts, and cured meats make the hamper versatile and suitable for lunches and picnics.


If there are children involved, you can make your Easter baskets extra special by adding custom made crafts. Include an Easter card or a handcrafted decoration. If you’re looking for more family Easter crafts to add to your hamper, make sure to read our previous Easter blog which features a free family activity pack.

Decorate With Seasonal Flowers

Adding flowers to an Easter hamper enhances its visual appeal and provides a delightful aroma. Opt for spring blooms such as lilies, daffodils, or tulips to add a festive touch and a vibrant array of colours to your arrangement.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to craft the perfect Easter basket. As Easter hops around, creating a personalised experience for your friends or family is a lovely way to celebrate the season.

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