How to create the ultimate cheese board

You really can’t beat a cheese board - especially around the festive period! There is nothing better than tucking into an array of cheeses accompanied by grapes, chutneys and crunchy crackers. We understand it can be overwhelming to choose which cheeses to serve and also which drinks and extras you should serve alongside them. That’s why we’ve partnered with Quickes Cheese - to combine their expertise in the cheese industry with our knowledge of soft drinks, fruits and botanicals. 

Each one of these pairings has been carefully selected to take away any stress so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities! 

Festive flavour pairings from Quickes Cheese

We love working with Quickes to learn about the perfect cheese pairings for our delectable soft drinks. Here’s a selection of our favourites…

Goats Cheese with Cherry Juice - The lovely natural flavours of our Cherry juice compliments the Goats Cheese extremely well by bringing out the creamy, nutty elements. This one is Mary Quicke’s favourite! Mary is the 14th generation of the Quicke family on Home Farm and has been running the cheese business since 1987.

Extra mature Cheddar with Ginger & Juniper Sparkler - Quickes Extra Mature Cheddar has a strong enough flavour to stand up to the fiery warmth of the ginger in our Ginger & Juniper Sparkler. A fantastic blend of flavours for those looking to discover a new obsession this Christmas!

Smoked Cheddar and Cranberry Juice - Such a magnificent combination! The fresh, sharp flavours in the Cranberry Juice really brings out the butteriness in the Smoked Cheddar

Mature Cheddar and Apple Juice - This is already such a popular flavour pairing, so you know you’ll love our Apple Juice with a chunk of Mature Cheddar. Such a classic mix that’ll be sure to please the taste buds. 

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How to assemble the ultimate cheese board 

Start with the board - Cheese boards are usually assembled on a wooden board or slate. If you don’t have either of these, make do and mend! You can use any flat surface or tray you have in your home. It doesn't all have to look perfect - after all, the most important thing is the cheese, food and drink! 

Select the cheeses - There are so many cheese varieties to choose from - blue cheese, aged cheddar, semi soft and semi hard cheese. Try and provide an array of strengths, flavours and textures to please each and every palette. You can use our flavour pairings above for inspiration!

Add some savoury nibbles - Start off with adding a variety of different breads and crackers - these are such a staple. You should also consider including an array of meats (or vegetarian versions) to add those salty, savoury flavours. Other nibbles such as olives, pickles, nuts and dips make great additions too - the more the merrier!

A touch of sweetness - Seasonal fresh fruits such as figs or dried fruits such as apricots make a great addition and pop of colour to any cheese board. These sweet little additions also break up the savoury elements when tucking into it! You could even get a bit adventurous and add some sophisticated sweets and chocolate. 

Garnish -  What a better way to tempt your guests than make the board look appealing. Add some edible flowers, more fruits and nuts or fresh herbs - attention to detail is key.

Frobishers Apple Juice & Quickes cheese 

Get stocked up for the holidays

We hope that we’ve inspired you to create your very own festive cheese board this Christmas. Don’t forget to stock up on your favourite Frobishers Soft Drinks in time for the festive fun and most importantly, have fun creating the perfect cheese board full of beautiful flavours.

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