How to host a spooky Halloween party with Frobishers soft drinks

It’s spooky season and this year we’re finally allowed to host! October 31st is creeping up on us which can only mean one thing: it’s time to start thinking about Halloween party ideas. Anyone can throw on a generic playlist and put out a few bowls of snacks, but it takes a bit of creativity to plan a party to remember. Whether you’re fully ready to get spooky with your friends or just want to amp up a chilled get-together, we’ve got you covered from drinks to decorations and entertainment. 

We highly recommend making a Pinterest board to gather all of your ideas and inspiration - it makes the planning process much easier and you can find some great creepy cocktail recipes on there. 

Creative Halloween party themes

Before you begin any of your party planning, you need to come up with a theme for the event. You could go down the traditional route - ghosts, witches, pumpkins, black cats etc. Or you could get a little more creative and tailor the theme to the interests of those attending the party. Maybe you all love horror films or a specific era and you could base it around that.

Top tip: design a spooky invitation to send to your guests in the post - everyone loves receiving mail and this way, they can save the date and start planning their costume too. Create a buzz around the event!

Halloween party invitation - By Frobishers soft drinks

Once you’ve decided on your theme you can start thinking about which Halloween decorations you’ll need for your location. This may differ depending on the type of party you’re planning (kids, adults, family etc) but there are so many easy ways you can kit out your house to make it feel a little spookier. 

  • Mood lighting & candles
  • Fake cobwebs and spiders
  • Pumpkin or ghost bunting or banner
  • Crime scene tape 
  • Fake skulls
  • Witches cauldron 

Easy Halloween drink ideas

When you’re planning a party the last thing you want to be worrying about is making complicated drinks for everyone. Delicious drinks don’t always require 101 ingredients, so keep it simple. 

Make sure you consider all of your guests by providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Our soft drinks are a great mixer to add to any cocktail or mocktail and you can build your own custom box to ensure you get everything you need. This option is available for all of our drinks - juices, sparklers, cordials and fusions. Our drinks are super convenient and perfect to serve on their own. However, if you fancy mixing things up we recommend warming up our cordials and adding a dash of spirit. A real spooky treat! 

Our red juices such as bumbleberry, cherry, cranberry or tomato would be a great choice if you're looking to create a blood-like Halloween cocktail. Our pineapple juice is also a great choice that can easily be served on its own or mixed with a spirit of your choice.

Serve up our range of Sparklers for a touch of something extra special! We recommend our Ginger & Juniper flavour.

How to keep your guests entertained

Depending on the level of entertainment that you’re looking to provide for your guests, we’ve got you covered! First things first, make a playlist (or just find one on your favourite music sharing platform). This could be Halloween themed music or just a selection of your favourite songs. 

Entertainment inspiration: 

  • Games (board or card games) 
  • Pumpkin carving 
  • Competition (pumpkin carving or costume) 
  • Apple bobbing 
  • Plan a murder mystery (if there are enough guests)
  • Horror movie marathon - for a more relaxed gathering 


However, you decided to celebrate Halloween this year, we hope you’re feeling inspired to throw a spooky soiree. Don’t forget to order your custom box of 12 or 24 soft drinks to have them delivered in time for your party. Happy Halloween!

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