The Best Adult Soft Drinks for Every Summer Occasion

Planning an event this Summer and need to stock up on drinks for the occasion? Don’t forget soft drinks! 

While alcoholic beverages often take the limelight, it's crucial to cater to the preferences of all attendees, including those who opt not to consume alcohol. 

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the number of people abstaining from alcohol or seeking alcohol alternatives. According to recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics, approximately 27% of adults in the UK now choose to abstain from alcohol, with a steady rise observed across the nation. This growing trend emphasises the importance of providing a diverse selection of adult soft drinks for every summer occasion.

Whether you’re planning a Wedding, Party, BBQ or just a family get-together, Frobishers have the perfect selection of alcohol-free drinks that everyone can enjoy. 

With the ability to buy individual flavours in bulk, or build your own custom soft drinks box, and choose a delivery date of your choice, it’s great for stocking up ahead of a special occasion. 

Alcohol-Free Sparkling Drinks

Frobishers Spectacular Sparklers

For those seeking a sophisticated non-alcoholic option, our Spectacular Sparklers range are a great choice. Made from a medley of high-quality fruits and botanicals, and mixed with sparkling water, Frobishers Spectacular Sparklers offer a refreshing and refined experience that rivals alcoholic beverages. Crafted with care, these gently sparkling drinks come in five different flavours that cater to adult palates, making them an ideal alternative for anyone looking to reduce their alcohol intake without compromising on taste. 

Frobishers Spectacular Sparklers are the best soft drinks for Weddings, bringing an air of elegance and celebration to the occasion. A glass of Simply Elderflower is the perfect prosecco-alternative for a toast-worthy beverage for the newlyweds and their guests. The sophisticated packaging of Frobishers adds an extra touch of class to any reception.

Our Spectacular Sparklers are also great gin mixers, so whilst your attendees might be alcohol-free, you could offer a 0% alcohol spirit (like Pentire or Sea Arch) to mix with their Sparkler for the ultimate alcohol-alternative combination!

Fruit Juice Combinations

Frobishers Fruit Juice Fusions

Upgrade from the typical low-nutritional value fruit juice combination drink to Frobishers Fantastical Fusions. Made with a combination of real fruit juice, fruit puree and a dash of water, a bottle counts as one of your five a day - delicious and nutritious! 

Whether it’s for a laid-back family BBQ, or big Summer party, Frobishers Fusions will fit right in with their array of delightful flavours. Featuring the classic combinations of Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Mango, and Apple & Raspberry, there's something to suit everyones taste and mood.

Canned Soft Drinks

Frobishers Sparkling Presse Cans

If you’re looking for more of a grab-and-go drink for your Summer event, our Sparkling Pressés are the perfect choice. In a convenient 250ml recyclable can, these brilliantly bubbly drinks are made from a blend of fruity and botanical flavours and carbonated water, making them a great lower calorie option. So fill up an ice bucket with our Sparkling Pressés, they’re guaranteed to be a popular choice!

Fancy Fruit Cordials

Frobishers Fruit Cordials

For a drink everyone can share, our incredibly versatile Curious Cordials are an essential to stock up. Featuring 3 different flavours; Lemon & Mint, Sloe & Raspberry, and Pomegranate & Rose, which can be combined with still or sparkling water, an alcohol-free prosecco or sparkling wine for the ultimate pitcher jug or mocktail! Looking for Summer party pitcher recipe inspiration? Read our blog post 3 Summer Cocktail & Mocktail Pitcher Recipes.

Ready to shop delicious soft drinks for your Summer events? Build your custom boxes online here. If you need any help with your order, or want to order a particularly large number of drinks, drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
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