The Best Alcohol-Free Drinks For Sober October

If you're looking to shake up your spirit intake this month for Sober October, but don't know where to start on your hunt for delicious alcohol-free drinks, you're in the right place. Whether you're doing it for charity, your health or just to take a break from alcohol for a bit, we've got some great alcohol-free drink suggestions for you.

From beers, ciders and fruit juice, to alcohol-free spirits, sparkling bottles and pressés, read on below to discover how to get your alcohol-free drinks fix this October.

If your favourite alcoholic beverage is a beer, there are now plenty of alcohol-free options on the market that still give you that hoppy taste and satisfying head without the alcohol content. Our personal favourite is Lucky Saint, which is an unpasteurised, unfiltered and naturally alcohol-free lager (0.5% alcohol content).

If you can't resist a crisp local cider, then we recommend trying out Brother's Toffee Apple Cider. Made in Somerset, this rich apple and nostalgic toffee-flavoured cider is the perfect alcohol-free alternative this Autumn.

Or, why not go back to basics and drink delicious Fruit Juice? You may think of juice as just being a breakfast drink, but it can be so much more than that. At Frobishers, we are fruit juice aficionados, with nine different juice flavours to choose from, you can mix it up every day of the week. Juice is also the perfect mocktail mixer, so try making some of your favourite cocktail recipes minus the spirit, you'll be surprised how delicious they taste! Looking for some Sober October mocktail recipes? Check out our favourite mocktail recipes here.

If sparkling drinks are more your style, or you're a fan of a flavoured gin and tonic, give our Spectacular Sparklers range a go. Made from the finest fruits and botanicals and mixed with a splash of sparkling Devon spring water, you can enjoy a delicious tongue-tingling medley of flavours, without the alcohol.

Alcohol-free spirits are now all the rage and for good reason too, they offer all the flavour, without the hangover! A few of our favourites include Sea Arch’s Coastal Juniper, a non-alcoholic distilled spirit made from Sea Kelp, Samphire and Blood Orange, or Three Spirit's alcohol-free gin which contains zero calories. Try mixing one of these 0% alcohol spirits with your choice of our Spectacular Sparklers or Pressés, or make a mocktail with our fabulous fruit juice.

Finally, to complete our ultimate alcohol-free drinks ideas list, if you've got a soft spot for Hard Seltzers, you need to try our Sparkling Pressé range. With three delicious fruity and botanical flavours, mixed with carbonated Devon spring water, these delightfully fizzy and drinks come in a convenient 250ml recyclable can - perfect for when you're on the go.

So there you have it, our round-up of the best alcohol-free beverages to enjoy this Sober October. If you're looking to stock up on soft drinks, don't forget you can build a custom box of soft drinks online. Pick your favourite flavours from our four ranges (Sparkling Pressés, Fusions, Fruit Juices and Sparkling Bottles) and have them delivered on a day of your choice for free on orders of 24+ drinks.

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