What does
fruit juice ‘not from concentrate’ really mean?

At Frobishers, we're not just passionate about delicious soft drinks, but also about the journey they've made to reach your glass. There are several different ways to make fruit juices taste just right, and we're here to explain some of those key processes. 

Keep reading to discover how juice is made and how we create our refreshing juices.

What is the difference between ‘concentrate’ and ‘not from concentrate’?

When you buy juice that is labelled ‘not from concentrate’ it means that the juice has been pressed or squeezed. This type of juice then goes through pasteurisation to ensure it’s safe for consumption and free from any pathogens. This process also extends the shelf life of the drink. 

Juice labelled ‘from concentrate’ goes through a process where the juice is extracted from the fruit and then gets filtered and dehydrated to remove some of the water content. It is also pasteurised - this process involves gently heating the liquid to kill any potential pathogens found in the fruit. After these steps are complete, it gets shipped and rehydrated with more water before it’s packaged and sold. Juice from concentrate can be just as nutritional as freshly squeezed juice as long as it has no added sugars or sweeteners and the correct amount of water is added back into the juice. The calorie content will be exactly the same too!

You may be wondering why it’s worth the extra effort? This method is often used because it makes for easier and cheaper transportation. It also gives the juice a longer shelf life which is something a lot of people look for. This means you don’t have to remember to buy fresh juice every time you shop because it can stay in the cupboard until you fancy a glass.

So really, there’s not a huge difference between the two - it just depends on which one you prefer! 

Are Frobishers juices ‘from concentrate’ or ‘not from concentrate’?


What does fruit juice ‘not from concentrate’ really mean?


When it comes to producing our drinks, flavour and quality is always the most important thing. We bash and bottle the finest fruits sourced from the best farms to ensure that they’re as delicious as they can be.

We use a few different processes when creating our soft drinks to get the very best out of the ingredients. For example, our juice range including our famous Orange Juice is not from concentrate. However, we do use concentrate juices in our sparklers and cordials to achieve the very best flavour.  

If you ever want to know whether specific flavours of our drinks are from concentrate or not, you can always get in touch!  If you haven’t tried our delightful soft drinks then order your custom build a box today and stock up for your next dinner party or celebration.

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