5 Things To Try This Sober October

Sober October is a month dedicated to embracing a healthier and alcohol-free lifestyle. At Frobishers, we believe that staying sober can be just as enjoyable and refreshing. To help you make the most of this alcohol-free month, we've put together a list of five fantastic things you can try.

1. Mixology Magic: Create Amazing Mocktails 

Transform your sober evenings into a mixologist's paradise by crafting delicious mocktails using Frobishers juices. Combine your favourite Frobishers flavours into exotic mocktails for a tantalising and alcohol-free beverage that's perfect for sipping and savouring. If you’re looking for inspiration check out the ‘Mocktails’ recipe section of our blog. 

2. Wellness Wednesdays: Practice Yoga Or Try A New Sport

Take some time for yourself and focus on your well-being this Sober October. Unroll your yoga mat, practice your poses, or try something new, whether it's hiking, jogging, or hitting the gym. And after your session, enjoy a refreshing soft drink from Frobishers. 

3. Alcohol-Alternatives: Switch Up Your Spirits  

Explore the amazing world of alcohol alternatives that are just as exciting and diverse as their alcoholic counterparts. 

You have many options to excite your taste buds. These options include non-alcoholic spirits that taste like regular liquor. Additionally, there are refreshing beers, ciders, wines, and mocktail mixers.

Discover non-alcoholic options from brands like Sea Arch, Everleaf, Lucky Saint and Wild Idol to make your sober evenings just as flavourful and enjoyable.

4. Valuable Volunteering: Give Back to the Community

Spread positivity and make a difference in the lives of others by dedicating your time to volunteering. Research local organisations or causes you're passionate about and offer your assistance. Contributing to the community can be immensely fulfilling and a wonderful way to spend Sober October.

At Frobishers we are dedicated to supporting communities in need, by donating to charities including UNICEF and FareShare.

5. Discover Delicious Soft Drinks 

Whether you’ve bought from Frobishers before or not, embrace trying something new. With our 5 different ranges and impressive line up of 23 flavours, there’s a drink for every taste bud. From a zingy 100% Orange Juice, to a Crisp Apple & Elderflower Sparkler, each Frobishers beverage is crafted with quality and taste in mind. Build a custom box and enjoy the excitement of trying new combinations. 

So, embrace Sober October with Frobishers, and let our premium soft drinks add a burst of flavour and enjoyment to your alcohol-free month. Whether you're crafting mocktails, staying active, or simply sipping on our delightful juices, Frobishers has something for everyone. 

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