Why Recycled Plastic Bottles?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our temporary change to plastic packaging on selected juice lines. 

Why RPET Bottles?

As you may have heard in the news, the European glass market is currently in the midst of a glass shortage the scale of which is unprecedented, mainly affecting clear glass bottles and jars. Supplies have been severely impacted by the war in Ukraine, with a number of factories in both Ukraine and Russia unable to supply, putting enormous pressure on remaining factory capacity.

This has resulted in a shortage of many glass bottle types including the Frobishers 250ml juice bottle. Subsequently, we have had to make the difficult decision to change the packaging on selected products from glass to a 250ml recycled plastic bottle (RPET). 

This is a temporary measure to relieve stock issues, minimise juice wastage and to continue to support our loyal customers, until an alternative glass solution is found. We’re committed to our people, our product and our customers during these challenging times and intend to return to glass as soon as possible.

Comment from David Pearce, Managing Director

“We cannot ignore that there is no obvious or forthcoming solution to the glass crisis. It is incredibly frustrating to have raw materials ready to pack, but not enough glass to meet demand.
We’ve listened to our customers requests for alternative pack formats and are pleased to now be able to offer an eco-friendly PET bottle.”

What is RPET?

The ‘R’ in RPET stands for ‘recycled’. The plastic content in RPET has been recycled, so the material is produced without exhausting natural resources. Virgin PET plastic is made from oil and petrochemicals, which can be recycled into RPET following its primary use.

In the recycling process, plastic is collected, cleaned and remade into products. The process of making RPET has less environmental impact with lower carbon emissions than virgin plastic and so is considered a more sustainable choice.

How to recycle RPET bottles?

To make the most of the recycling possibilities, please replace the cap and leave the sleeve on the
bottle and pop it into your plastic recycling. Please recycle responsibly.

Further information on RPET and PET
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