What is 'Wonky Fruit' in Fruit Juice

If you've ever picked up a bottle of fruit juice and seen the label "contains wonky fruit," or seen drinks brands advertising that their products “contain wonky fruit” you may have been wondering exactly what that means. Wonky fruit is simply misshapen or imperfect produce that doesn't meet the aesthetic standards for supermarkets. However, this perfectly edible fruit can still be used to make delicious juice! Read on to learn more about wonky fruit and why it's perfectly fine for fruit juice and fruity drinks. 

What Is Wonky Fruit?

Wonky fruit is exactly what it sounds like. Unlike the regular (and quite perfect looking) fruit found in the supermarket, wonky fruit can have an irregular shape, odd texture and size, and be less attractive. 

In the UK there is a Specific Marketing Standard for a range of fresh produce, including fruit. This means the produce must be of a certain quality during the production and marketing (selling) process. That’s why in the supermarket, you only see ‘good looking’ fruit and vegetables - it’s estimated that around 40% of fresh produce doesn’t make the cutthat’s a lot of wasted food. 

However, don’t worry, there is a great solution to this problem, and it’s been going on for decades - Fruit Juice! Wonky fruit can still be used to make delicious fruit juice or wonky fruit drinks that are as nutritious and tasty as they are unique in appearance. In fact, wonky fruits may represent more diversity in terms of flavours and textures than standard fruits.

How wonky fruit is used in fruit juices?

With an increased appreciation and awareness for wonky fruit, wonky fruit juice or drinks have become a popular way to use up misshapen and leftover produce. The reality is that actually, wonky fruit juice is just… normal fruit juice! 

Wonky fruit juice is produced in the same manner as any other conventional fruit juices, but with wonky fruits that are often too imperfect to be used for other purposes. While wonky fruits may not look as aesthetically pleasing, they have the same health benefits and nutritional value as any other fruit juice. So by drinking wonky fruit juice, people are able to reduce food waste while also reaping the potential health benefits associated with consuming fruit juice.

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