Introducing our new soft drink cans - Sparkling Pressés

We’re always looking for ways to get creative with soft drinks. After all, they’re our passion! We’ve been working on something incredibly exciting for a long time now and we’re so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. We’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE it.

Drum roll, please…

We took our most popular Spectacular Sparkler flavours and pressed them into a convenient can, so you can enjoy our soft drinks anytime and anywhere. Let us introduce you to our brand new…Sparkling Pressé cans

Our Pressés are blended with spring water and are available in three fruity flavours - Crisp Apple & Elderflower, Raspberry & Rhubarb and Sicilian Lemonade. They’re all packed with delicious fruits and botanicals and are balanced with delicate bubbles that leave an unforgettable taste on your tongue. 

We listened to your feedback and spent time perfecting our new, convenient soft drink cans. Our sparkling pressés are perfect to enjoy on the go - simply pop in a tote bag and make them your new plus one for parties, events or fun days out. You can easily store them in your fridge too for when you fancy a pick-me-up at home. Our cans are delicious and ready to drink, or you could try adding your favourite spirit for a weekend treat!

Another reason we love canned soft drinks is that they’re really easy to recycle. You can simply pop them in your rubbish bin along with the rest of your recycling rather than taking the glass to a bottle bank and worrying about them smashing in the process.

Grab, Sip, Recycle!

Crisp Apple and Elderflower

Our gently sparkling Crisp Apple and Elderflower Pressé has been blended with hints of ginger and bergamot for added complexity. If you’re a fan of soft drinks with a subtle ginger flavour, you’ll be sure to love this one. The fizzy bubbles perfectly complement the fruity apple notes. This is the perfect drink to serve up…well, anywhere and any time! 

Raspberry and Rhubarb 

Our Raspberry and Rhubarb Sparkling Pressé is impressively fruity. With subtle editions of botanicals such as ginger, juniper and bergamot, your tastebuds are in for a treat! This famous Frobishers flavour can now be enjoyed anywhere in our handy cans, perfect if you’re on the go!

Sicilian Lemonade

Our light and zesty Sicilian Lemonade Pressé is the ultimate refresher. We’ve blended Sicilian lemon juice with luxury lemon oil along with a splash of juniper for a crisp taste. Let’s not forget the delicate bubbles that fizzle on your tongue with each sip.

Add our cans to your custom box of soft drinks

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